Unframed fine art print signed by the artist 

I remember going to church with my parents as a little girl and laying my head on my mother’s lap or on her shoulder and slowly drifting off to sleep. I slept through most of the sermons but I was in the build and she made it a place of peace and comfort. 
Sometimes children don’t quite understand the significance of a situation but never underestimate the importance of having them in the room. They may not fully get it as a child but it sets the stage for them to feel comfortable grasping all of it as an adult. This message may not resonate with you from the perspective of a church goer but it can be applied in so many areas of life. Exposing a child to what you believe will be important to build them up and develop their character from a young age with grace for their childlike reaction and space for them to feel comfortable in the room establishes a foundation for them to build upon for years to come

Fashion Mom