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Candice Tavares of NoelleRx Art

Hello Friend, 

My name is Candice Tavares. I am a self taught wood artist, digital illustrator, palliative care pharmacist, daughter, sister, auntie and lifelong creative. My work in palliative care gives me an amazing opportunity to care for others, but art gives me an opportunity to care for myself. It is my therapy, my outlet, my freedom and my prescription for peace of mind. 


My art practice is heavily influenced by my experience as a Black woman in healthcare and my experience as a Black girl turned woman navigating life in a society where being Black and female does not always garner respect or protection. I view art, education and positive representation as my pathway to change and strive to work within my sphere of influence to impact the way we see ourselves and the ways that we are seen by others. As such, my art primarily focuses on celebrating the beauty of Black and brown people, our cultures and our love.


I create pieces designed to challenge negative narratives around Blackness in America through the emotional connection you feel while looking into the eyes of another. After all the eyes are the window to the soul. And by depicting intimate acts of love, love of self, love of community, love of partner or love of a child, because love is universal. 

For the people who see themselves in my art I hope they walk away feeling valued, celebrated, and fortified. Reminded of their inherent beauty and value and encouraged to love every part of themselves just as they are, just how God made them.


For the people who don't see themselves in my art I hope they walk away changed, feeling less other, and more united by our shared humanity and the universal language of love. 


Join Us in Creating a Space for Art & Community

All donations will be used to support construction expenses for Peace of Mind Studio & Gallery in Baltimore City. A new arts and culture space designed to increase access to representative art within the Black community. 


Thank you for your donation!

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