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Candice Tavares of NoelleRx Art

Hi! My name is Candice and I am the artist behind NoelleRx Art. I’m a life long creative but it took many years for me to call myself an artist. Creativity has always brought me peace, so in the midst of all the COVID crazy I started drawing my feelings and over the past few months illustration has become my favorite hobby and the most amazing form of therapy. It gives me the space to celebrate all of the joy and release a lot of the pain of being Black and a woman in America in a time when that feels like a dangerous combination.

I am inspired by so many aspects of life. I hurt for the people who hurt around me and feel such joy when I experience and witness genuine love and human connection. I hope my artwork will spark joy in you and a sense of renewed appreciation for Black culture and beauty.


Candice Noelle

black love illustrations
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